Detoxification is a must


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Detoxification is a must if you are going to beat this disease, and the detoxification pathways of the body are as follows.

Defecation, our body's main pathway for waste material. Bowel movement if you will.
Urinary, the act of passing water.
Sweat Glands.

Given that the first one is the most pronounced and best way of eliminating toxins, it seems logical to me to help it on it's way.

Coffee Enemas.
Why do the drug companies hate coffee enemas? The answer is that coffee enemas are a powerful liver detoxification tool, a pain relieving therapy, and a therapy for cleansing and healing the colon. Retention coffee enemas are a key part of successful alternative cancer treatment protocols, because they rid the body of toxins that cause cancer and eliminate the toxins released by dead and dying cancer cells. Coffee enemas do all this and more without side effects and at minimal cost. See the rest of the article here.

I have been doing coffee enemas daily since shortly after being diagnosed and would recommend them to anyone with any sort of bodily disease.