They just killed my friends dad


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Yes, you read it right. My friends dad had lung cancer, so what did they do? They gave him chemo and killed him.

Chemo is NOT CURATIVE for lung cancer. So why on earth did they give it to him? One chemo treatment, and he was no more.

Dirty stinking murdering bastards

I used the concept of forgiveness as part of my healing process from nHodgkins lymphoma. I believe it's important to let go of the negativities of judgment, criticism, envy and complaints. Things are what they are, including our work to relieve suffering. Good knowing you my friend.


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I know what you are saying mate, but it is really frustrating to see first hand, yes we all have to go sometime, but was this "really" his time? I don't think so.


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My heart and prayers go out to your friend and his family at this time. When I lost my Mother and father to cancer in 2008 I just knew that something was wrong in the system which prompted me to start researching into everything about cancer because there had to be a better way. Four members of my close family followed the medical route and they died. From losing both my parents to cancer, my father in law, my uncle, friends and my wife also being told there was no hope for her in 2011, we have now dedicated our lives over the last six years to supporting people through and beyond cancer. My wife Sue is ok now as we adopted numerous natural principles of healing. Once your eyes have been opened to the corruption of the system there seems to be no going back. We went through some crazy stuff during these times with a great deal of heartache and tears, however we are seeing that my family did not die for nothing. We need to grieve but then we can start to consider how we can use our experiences for good to help others. We now put on free monthly seminars to share health empowering information and we speak to people with cancer to give health and lifestyle coaching. God bless, Robert & Sue Olifent Active Cancer Therapy Support. Website: