Vincent, forum creator


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Hello People.
My name is Vincent, and I created this forum so that we can discuss our own cancer treatments, without fear or retribution from any authorities. It is my sincere opinion that the cancer system is completely broken, and your best bet for long term survival is to step outside of the box. To get off the treadmill of conventional treatments, and go it alone.

I was diagnosed myself with colorectal cancer back in December of 2014, and can happily say, I'm still here. Many of the friends I have met along the way, sadly are not. They chose to believe the oncologists, and took the treatment.

This forum was born out of frustration, because I was banned from the "cancer research"' forum for telling the truth. If you would like to learn from others, please join in and contribute to what I believe can be the best resource on the web. Everyone else, who has "recovered" helping those who are struggling.

Kindest Regards